Thursday, December 17, 2009

here's my secret santa gift for Martie

Martie says in her blog , that she's a huge holiday procrastinator, so i 'm just going to give her my annoying alarm clock. i bought it used from a Goodwill in Las Vegas. What was doing at a Goodwill in Vas vegas, you ask? why buying an alarm clock and trying to figure out how to get a gorilla suit with no head home with out spending money on shipping or another suitcase, of course. Please try to keep up.

The alarm clock is Crayon Shin Chan with a flashing penis. Which i just now found out from this blog that that was his penis. All this time i thought it was an out-ie belly button.

Shin Chan goes off with a normal Japanese morning greeting of "Ohiyo". He then gets louder and more insistent until you are awake enough to hurl him across the room. He's still in good shape because i never use him to wake up . i don't care if i ever oversleep, and I can't be bothered to even set the time on him either. So, Merry Christmas Martie hope this helps to thwart your procrastination problem. If I ever get around to virtually wrapping it and sending it to ya.
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Today's awful was sent by David at Creative Creativity. David Writes:

"In Japan there is a popular Bart Simpson-esque character called Crayon Shin Chan. His cartoons are popular and very off color. I once asked a Japanese exchange student about him and she blushed and told me never to mention him again.

Imagine my surprise when I opened a box of alarm clock samples at work and found an alarm clock of Crayon. He looks just like a lot of anime characters, except he has his pants down around his ankles and as the alarm goes off, his tiny penis flashes. It's like he has a built in pedophile alarm."

The wikipedia page for Crayon Shin Chan has a bunch of great links. I love this descripton of Shin Chan:

"He just tries to have a good time and in doing so does things which will create the maximum vexation in others."

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